CashOnLedger and Lindner Tractors Announce A Strategic Partnership

Cologne — October 1, 2020 — CashOnLedger Technologies GmbH and Lindner Traktorenwerk GmbH announce they have entered into a partnership, combining the CashOnLedger’s expertise in the field of blockchain and programmable currencies and Lindner’s experience in the manufacturing and rental of machinery.

We are excited to announce the partnership between CashOnLedger and Lindner Traktoren. Through this partnership, our aim is to increase the efficiency of Pay-Per-Use rental models using a robust blockchain-based solution. CashOnLedger specializes in technical solutions for programmable currencies, using blockchain technology, while optimizing business processes. Lindner Traktoren is a renowned manufacturing firm, producing tractors and transporters, with over 70 years of expertise.

Blockchain technology offers a variety of unique properties that can improve aspects of existing business processes. Currently, many business models, including the vehicle rentals, rely on highly inefficient and costly manual processes. The aim of our partnership is to maximize the efficiency of transactions between the parties as well as gathering of data for inventory optimization.

CashOnLedger provides a regulatory compliant solution for programmable money, which digitizes the payment claim and links it to traditional payment networks (e.g. SEPA) to ensure the mutlibank capability. This automation & digitization increases the efficiency by cutting down process costs. Having a fast transaction process and lower costs have other implications that would lead to a shorter cash conversion cycle and the release of tied-up capital

“We want to integrate IoT machines into the economic cycle through financial transactions”, says Serkan Katilmis, the co-founder and CEO of CashOnLedger. The partnership will aim to achieve a more dynamic pay-per-use rental model by integrating the vehicles into the blockchain network. The automated rental and billing processes can be achieved by utilizing Smart Contracts. The solution also allows for a more precise cashflow forecast since all the transactions between the parties are occurring on the blockchain network.

“For us this collaboration is the technological basis for automating our rental processes. We are able to reduce our processing efforts, to maximize the efficiency and to create transparency for our customers”, says David Lindner, Head of Export and Marketing of Lindner.

As the global economies are realizing the potential of programmable currencies and are increasing their efforts to study the potential implications, this project can be an important example of how digital currencies improve our existing financial markets.

About CashOnLedger

Founded in Cologne in 2019, CashOnLedger combines euro and blockchain technology, enabling its clients to execute fast, automated and transparent transactions. Utilizing Smart Contracts and single-currency backed digital currency, CashOnLedger provides a robust technological solution, while minimizing the risks of unregulated cryptocurrencies.

About Lindner

The Tyrolean based family company Lindner manufactures a total of 1,200 tractors and transporters under the brands Geotrac, Lintrac and Unitrac. These vehicles are used in Alpine and meadow-based agriculture, arable farming and by municipalities. Lindner increased revenues by nearly four percent to 82 million euros in the financial year to 31 March 2020. The export ratio at Lindner is over 50 percent. The most important export markets are Germany, France, Switzerland and Slovenia. Lindner employs 232 personnel.


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Serkan Katilmis is a tech entrepreneur and investor, who has more than 20 years of experience in top-tier management consulting. As CEO of CashOnLedger, he promotes the Euro on blockchain systems such that smart contracts can be used in an industrial setting or in B2B contexts. Prior to that, Serkan was working for leading organizations Goldman Sachs, Accenture and PwC as an executive. He holds an MBA from Duke University and completed several executive strategy programs at INSEAD. You can contact him via Linkedin.

Maximilian Forster is co-founder of CashOnLedger Technologies GmbH and focuses on Business Development. Furthermore, he co-founded Blockchain Bayern e.V., is member of the Fintech WG at the economic council and member of the Blockchain WG at Bitkom e.V.; previously, he helped to build up the DLT and blockchain service offering of KPMG and Accenture and worked on the blockchain investment strategy for Picus Capital. He is also in close connection with the blockchain ecosystem: for example, he has contributed to the Goethe University Frankfurt’s “Digital Banking Practical Handbook” and DHL’s “Blockchain in Logistics” publication. You can contact him via Linkedin.

David Lindner is Head of Marketing and Export of Lindner. Mr. Lindner who is representing the fourth generation of the Lindner family also acts as Managing Director of Lindner in Switzerland and France. Lindner is focusing on the future topic of digitalization in the whole company. One example is the TracLink system. With the Lindner TracLink system, tractors and transporters become the most intelligent vehicles in their class: TracLink supports the operation of all accessories. The electronic logbook facilitates maintenance and documents equipment and routes used. TracLink ensures an optimal overview of cost and consumption data.

CashOnLedger uses blockchain technology create the programmable, electronic Euro with fully regulatory compliance.