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CashOnLedger und die Infineon Technologies AG entwickeln gemeinsam eine Blockchain-basierte Lösung, die Infineon’s Sicherheitslösung SECORA TM Blockchain und die Softwarelösung von CashOnLedger nutzt. Sie ermöglicht Kunden, eine PayPerUse-Plattform mit gesicherten Maschinendaten zur Abrechnung zu betreiben. Hierbei bilden die Daten der verliehenen Maschinen die Grundlage für die Berechnung der Zahlungsverpflichtungen zwischen mehreren Parteien. Aus diesem Grund gilt es, die Integrität der Daten hinsichtlich Korrektheit, Sicherheit und Überprüfbarkeit in jedem Prozess zu schützen. Die überprüfbare Authentizität und Sicherheit der Daten ist dafür entscheidend, Zahlungsprozesse auf Basis der Nutzungsdaten auslösen zu können. …

“We want to integrate IoT machines into the economic cycle through financial transactions”, says Serkan Katilmis, co-founder and CEO of CashOnLedger. Our partnership with Lindner will aim to achieve a more dynamic pay-per-use rental model by integrating the vehicles into the blockchain network. The automated rental and billing processes can be achieved by utilizing Smart Contracts. The solution also allows for a more precise cashflow forecast since all the transactions between the parties are occurring on a blockchain network, but leaves room for new business models for insurance companies as well.

The role of R+V

Using programmable money just to settle payment claims, won’t…

Cologne — October 1, 2020 — CashOnLedger Technologies GmbH and Lindner Traktorenwerk GmbH announce they have entered into a partnership, combining the CashOnLedger’s expertise in the field of blockchain and programmable currencies and Lindner’s experience in the manufacturing and rental of machinery.

We are excited to announce the partnership between CashOnLedger and Lindner Traktoren. Through this partnership, our aim is to increase the efficiency of Pay-Per-Use rental models using a robust blockchain-based solution. CashOnLedger specializes in technical solutions for programmable currencies, using blockchain technology, while optimizing business processes. …

Blockchain technology has been discussed for some time, still actively being in the spotlight. It’s then crucial for having a basic understanding of what is blockchain? What can blockchain do? In this article, we are going to offer an overview of blockchain where we first use bitcoin as an example, later on, we illustrate the features of blockchain. In the end, we briefly classified some industries that might be influenced by blockchain technology. Serkan Katilmis, Maximilian Forster

During the past ten years, one thing has changed the way we see and store data, which is our topic today, blockchain technology…

Germany recently launched their national blockchain strategy. One of the fundamental building blocks and food for discussion is the digitization of the Euro; the process of integrating the Euro on a blockchain system. As outlined in the Süddeutsche Zeitung Digitale Medien GmbH, other countries such as China are progressing rapidly on the topic of central bank digital currency (CBDC), whereas Germany still lacks an answer to this essential question. Furthermore, even privately held companies such as Facebook released their plan of developing its virtual currency, Libra, where they essentially take the position of a central bank.

Considering the future of…

Both startups and tech giants are fascinated about the new use cases of E-Money connected with blockchain as well as smart contracts, which can be used in automated transactions, M2M payments, and IoT industry in the near future. With an E-Money license tied to the Euro, business holders can provide tokens which are not just stable coins but the real Euro; while, businesses without an E-Money license are providing tokens that are simply stable coins, not the Euro. Serkan Katilmis, Maximilian Forster, Ya-Fang Cheng, Hsiao-En Chen


According to the definition from the European Central Bank, E-Money is electronic storage of…

Programmable Euro is a flexible and almost independent digital currency. The blockchain has built a brand new digital payment system in which people can conduct barrier-free digital currency transactions or cross-border payments. Moreover, because the blockchain has the characteristics of decentralization, immutability, and trust, it can guarantee the security and reliability of transactions, which will have a disruptive effect on the existing currency system. In this article, we firstly bring programmable Euro to the front, next, we illustrated the basic concept to the important of programmable Euro based on Internet of Things(IoT), Machine to Machine(M2M) and Smart contracts.

We at CashOnLedger have been interviewed by BTC Echo. In this interview, we explained what are we doing in CashOnLedger and how the euros works on the blockchain. We found that there is still a lack of interfaces to connect traditional banking with the crypto world. Therefore, this is the reason why we established CashOnLedger.
Serkan Katilmis, Maximilian Forster, Hsiao-En Chen, Ya-Fang Cheng

BTC-ECHO: What was your motivation to found CashOnLedger?

Maximilian: During my time at Accenture the following problem arose: Whenever Smart Contracts had triggered certain automation processes, we had no way to monetize that process. In other words…

By CashOnLedger on Altcoin Academy

Satoshi Nakamoto, an unknown identity, is definitely the biggest mystery in the crypto history. Remaining anonymous, Satoshi makes Bitcoin more mysterious and trending to the world. However, does it really matter who is he? Why he remains unknown to the public? How may Bitcoin affect the world? Serkan Katilmis, Maximilian Forster, Ya-Fang Cheng, Hsiao-En Chen

Nowadays, startups regarding the topic of fintech, blockchain as well as cryptocurrency, are popular all over the world. Decision-makers in enterprises, government entities, and even individuals must accept that they have to be conscious of blockchain technology. [0] The popularity of blockchain is almost an inevitable trend, and all industries will be affected. Through this article, you can simply figure out what are the similarities and differences behind those fintech startups founded in Europe. Serkan Katilmis, Maximilian Forster, Ya-Fang Cheng, Hsiao-En Chen


Monerium is an Icelandic startup founded in 2016, with the goal of making digital currency accessible, secure, and…


CashOnLedger uses blockchain technology create the programmable, electronic Euro with fully regulatory compliance.

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